Wenge Wood


Millettia laurentii 

Wenge grows mainly in Tropical West Africa, Zaire, Cameroon, Gabon, Tanzania.

A medium-sized tree, Millettia laurentii is mostly known for its attractive wood, which is dark brown, with black and white streaks, and is very strong and dense. The leaves are composed of several pairs of pointed, oblong leaflets, which branch from a central stem, with a single leaflet growing from the tip. During flowering this species produces an abundance of beautiful rose-pink flowers, borne in clusters on small stalks that branch from a larger central stem. After pollination, the tree produces numerous tough-skinned pods containing a small number of seeds

Freshly sawed Wenge is light yellow / brown colored. By drying and the influence of sunlight it becomes increasingly darker. Over time, exactly the opposite will happen. The wood colors lighter by sunlight. This durable wood comes from a tree only 20 to 25 meters high with a diameter of 60 to 100 cm.