Initially conceived as an art installation project of larger proportions, U:ME’s original design was revisited and adjusted into a smaller scale, becoming a coffee table. This particular piece of the collection is an exercise of reflection about equilibrium, and proposes an analogy on the multiple elements that, combined, support and drive the flux of life.

The organic fusion of shapes in the understructure is an eloquent illustration of the influences that determine someone’s personality, formed by a delicate balance; the red leg represents the core of beliefs and social structures that keeps one grounded, while the black legs allude to fears, curiosities, desires. Intertwined, these elements interact in a suggestive and dynamic manner, while providing equilibrium to the form. The table top has soft, rounded edges and curves, which complement the motions of the base structure, creating a spatial element.  The outcome is an instigating sculptural design. 

Dimensions: L 70 x W 35 x H 18.5
Base materials: Fiber glass, epoxy, foam core, metal inserts.
Table top materials: Bidirectional carbon fiber, core, epoxy.
Manufacturing processes: CNC router machining, hand layup.
Base finish: Paint
Table top finish: Protective clear coat
Size options: Coffee table, Executive desk

Edition of 12 (10 + 2 AP)