Tête-à-Tête was conceived to create a space for intimacy in the quotidian. Interaction is a constant aspect of life for most of us, although we live in the age of individualism. Yet, encompassed in this dichotomy, we forget to make room for sharing our daily lives. The playful name of this piece hints at the (often) forgotten art of one-on-one conversations, reminding us of the necessity to make time for people we love, instead of taking intimacy for granted.

The textures and colors of the Redwood set the tone and warmth of this table, preserving the tree’s original outline and undulating shape, creating an organic and inviting space. The base unveils a suspension mechanism that allows the structure to “rise” to the occasion and be used either as a dining or coffee table, creating a versatile surface that will configure to the circumstance.

Dimensions: L 41 x W 38 x H 18 (H 30, extended) inches
Base material: Aluminum plates, tubes.
Base manufacturing processes: Water jet cutting, roll forming, welding, fabrication
Base finish: Custom paint (automotive grade)
Elevating mechanism: Tandem gas shocks, remote cable with activation button
Table top: Redwood slab
Options: Different base finishes, different wood or other material tops.

Edition of 12 (10 + 2 AP)