Papillon was conceived to serve as a gathering medium. The interesting development of polarized conversations at larger gatherings of friends or family caused Bala to propose a form that would bring people together into a more intimate environment. This versatile table can be shaped to be the centerpiece of a party, or a discreet side note in a room. 

Papillon’s top, made of Bubinga an African hardwood of distinctive warm tonality and grain, is composed of three leaves. Together with the moveable legs it translates into a space conscious object but with an enhanced functional quality. When the leaves are lowered and the table is set aside, it still stands out as a sculptural silhouette. With spread wings it becomes an inviting dining table that can sit up to nine people. Its innovative design aims to create a surface where guests are able to see each other and conversation flows easily.

Dimensions: L 75 x W 30 x H 29.5 inches
Base material: Aluminum.
Base manufacturing processes: CNC machining, forming, welding, fabrication.
Base finish: Brushed nickel plating.
Table top: Bubinga (African hard wood)
Options: Custom (larger) sizes, other base finishes, other wood or material tops.

Edition of 24 (20 + 4 AP, subject to availability of different wood species)