Elegy epitomizes the beauty of natural elements. Bala allows the inherent qualities of the wood to define its own form and presentation. The closer you observe it, it seems to transfix you and draw you into its world. The unique colors, textures, grain patterns, and details of the Buckeye, a North American tree, appear to amplify themselves. You cannot help but be compelled to touch it and run your hand along its delightful features.

This presentation is an effort to draw our attention to the slow and what seems an inevitable demise of nature. But more than a requiem, it is also an invitation to revere the wondrous beauty that nature bestows on us and to contemplate the custodial responsibility that we need to assume to preserve it.

Dimensions: L 60 x W 36 x H 18.5 inches
Materials: Buckeye hardwood burl slab and root
Finish: Oil / lacquer finish
Options: Based on availability of suitable burl slab and root combinations

One-of-a-kind, given the nature of the material