As we venture out to meet each day, the subconscious deliberation on how we wish to present ourselves to the world significantly influences how we attire. The desire to be liked, loved, respected, to make a statement that is reflective of our personality and beliefs, is one of the chief preoccupations of our psyche. And how we dress is the demonstrative expression!

Act I! is a whimsical and exuberant personification of these subliminal processes– an alter ego that projects the question “What do I want to be today?”. Intended as a wardrobe, it can be an open display or a “dressed” persona. The linen drape is one such suggestion. Bala’s design of Act I! as a modular structure, allows the user to personalize it to their specific requirements, even to adorn it with their own drape arrangement and give it a personality.

Dimensions: W 53 x D 32 x H 89 inches
Frame materials: Aluminum.
Frame manufacturing processes: Sand casting, water jet cutting, fabrication.
Frame finish: Powder coating.
Frame upholstery and trims: Hand stitched leather.
Drape material: Irish linen.
Drape finish: Hand draped and hand stitched.
Options: Different color paint on frame, with or without drape, other upholstery and drape materials, other draping styles.

Edition of 12 (10 + 2 AP)